Two Approaches for Optimal Synthesis of a Thin Wire Antenna



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In this study, we explore a strategy for determining the current distribution of a thin-wire antenna based on a given radiation pattern. By this we mean seeking for a current distribution on the antenna so that the generated radiation pattern closely approximates a prescribed far field pattern. The integral equation that models the relationship between the current distribution and the generated radiation pattern was analyzed using the method of moments. The unknown current distribution was approximated with a truncated series leading to a system of linear equations. This linear system is then solved using Tikhonov regularization. This study directly compares the results obtained from two series representations, namely the Taylor and Fourier series. Our results show that the accuracy of this strategy is primarily dependent upon the approximating series used. The results from this study has potential applications in radar and radar defense technologies. Further research on this problem may lead to the development of more effective techniques in terms of accuracy and stability.