Convergence of Derivative-Free Iterative Methods with or without Memory in Banach Space



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A method without memory as well as a method with memory are developed free of derivatives for solving equations in Banach spaces. The convergence order of these methods is established in the scalar case using Taylor expansions and hypotheses on higher-order derivatives which do not appear in these methods. But this way, their applicability is limited. That is why, in this paper, their local and semi-local convergence analyses (which have not been given previously) are provided using only the divided differences of order one, which actually appears in these methods. Moreover, we provide computable error distances and uniqueness of the solution results, which have not been given before. Since our technique is very general, it can be used to extend the applicability of other methods using linear operators with inverses along the same lines. Numerical experiments are also provided in this article to illustrate the theoretical results.




Foundations 3 (3): 589-601 (2023)