From "Ew" to "Wow": the gateway bug to edible insect consumption



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The world cannot support current food production techniques, especially animal proteins and their detrimental effect on long-term sustainability issues such as greenhouse gas emissions, water use, land use, and feed requirements. The United Nations (U.N.) finds the key answer lies in human consumption of edible insects. They are a sustainable, nutritious, and cost-effective food source already consumed across the globe. However, the question of how to encourage Westerners to eat insects as a sustainable long-term food source remains perplexing. While research in food science has examined edible insects from a sustainability, production, and health standpoint, it has neglected to examine customer psychology and business initiatives that can break the barrier to edible insect consumption. Dr. Legendre has done significant research in this area with hope that she can see more consumers embrace edible insect-based food. She will showcase three of her recent publications and explain how to make edible insects more appealing to Western consumers, particulars what collaborative efforts are necessary for edible insect food businesses to be considered "food."



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