A descriptive study of selected characteristics of certain students awarded bachelor's degrees at the University of Houston in June, 1966



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Although there is some data now available on students graduating from the University of Houston, there continues to be a need of information of the characteristics of graduating students to the Administrative Staff. Some of the important characteristics of these students would be: a) Do most of the graduates transfer from other universities and colleges? b) What is the nature of the academic record of the graduating classes? For that purpose this study was made on a sample of 296 students included among the 1020* students who were awarded bachelor degrees by the University of Houston at the June Commencement, 1966. Some of the characteristics deemed significant were: 1) The number of academic probations; 2) The number of academic suspensions; 3) The number of r majors; 4) The date of admission to the University of Houston; 5) The student's quality point average. The 296 students included in this study were graduates of the College of Education and the College of Business Administration. A similar study was made by Miss Polly Bayless on the graduates of the College of Arts and Sciences. The basic data was presented in five separate tables. In three of these tables, the tabulation was by colleges * Listed on the program and number of semester hours transferred from other colleges. The information on these selected characteristics obtained from the records of the graduates warranted the following conclusions: 1. The largest group, or 51% had no academic probations. 2. A very large number, or 90%, had no academic suspensions. 3. About half of the students, representing the largest number, or 51% had only one major while attending the University of Houston. The largest group, or 24%, were admitted to the University of Houston from the fall of 1962, through the summer of 1963. 5. The largest group, or 34%, graduated with a quality point average ranging from 2.50 to 2.99. Almost the same size group, or 33%, graduated with a quality point average ranging from 2.00 to 2.49.