Personnel selection in Texas public schools



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The purpose of this study was to determine to what extent identified personnel selection procedures were used and which procedures were most effective in terms of identifying successful teachers. For the purpose of this study, successful teachers were defined as those teachers who performed at a level that was consistent with district expectancies and who were granted a continuing contract according to state law. The study compared personnel selection procedures in relation to the size of school districts as determined by student average daily attendance. It was to determine if a correlation existed between personnel selection procedures, school district size, and the per cent of personnel with continuing contract or tenure. In addition, the study sought to determine the perceptions of administrators in charge of personnel selection regarding the impact of Federal and state employment regulations. The research procedures involved the use of a questionnaire based on the study by Allen (1967) and a recent review of the literature. The instrument was designed to identify specific criteria within each school district's personnel selection procedure. A mailing procedure was used to collect data from administrators in charge of personnel selection in Texas public school districts with a student ADA of 1,000 or more. The 311 respondents were assigned to groups based on the following: Group I--1,000-4,999 ADA, Group II--5.000- 11,999 ADA, Group 111—12,000+ ADA. Statistical analysis of the returned instruments was accomplished through descriptive statistics and multiple linear regression regression analysis. [...]