Optimization techniques in computer aided design of chemical processes



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This work is a continuation of an earlier one developed by J. E. Villalobos in computer aided process design. It is a study about a chemical engineering design and economic evaluation package named CHEEP, and optimization techniques in order to incorporate the compatible ones to the package. The purpose of this project is to make available to undergraduate students in chemical engineering process design class, optimization techniques which can be used as tools in obtaining a better design. These optimization techniques written in FORTRAN-IV are available either on the IBM/36O or the UNIVAC 1108 computers. The optimization techniques selected were Golden section search (SUBROUTINE MAD3) and Rosenbrock's method (SUBROUTINE MAD2) for unidimensional and multidimensional cases, respectively. During the incorporation of the optimization subroutines some modifications and adjustments were made to the design and economic evaluation package.