Selected factors in the appraisal of the doctoral program in the Department of Administration and Supervision in the College of Education, University of Houston, 1960-1969



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Purpose of the Study. The purpose of this study was to make an appraisal of the Doctor of Education program in the Department of Administration and Supervision in the College of Education at the University of Houston in cooperation with fifty graduates of the program for the period 1960-1969. The secondary purpose was to compare these evaluations with evaluations completed by doctoral graduates in education of their programs in Administration and Supervision at the University of Alabama, as reported in the 1967 Orso study, and at the University of Michigan, as reported in the 1959 Lokers study. Procedures and Sources of Data. A questionnaire was designed containing portions of the Orso instrument, which were pertinent to Administration and Supervision graduates, and that portion of the Lokers instrument concerning "Personal Expectations." Responses were received from forty-six of the fifty graduates selected for the study, representing a 92 percent participation. The appraisal was based on a tabular analysis of the responses of the University of Houston graduates and the comparisons of these responses to those of the Orso and Lokers groups. [...]



University of Houston. College of Education--Evaluation, University of Houston. Department of Administration and Supervision--Evaluation