The Importance Of Principal Preparation Programs To Increase Student Achievement



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In an era of rigorous accountability for student achievement, the manner in which principals are prepared is subject to increasing scrutiny. Principals' preparation programs often fail to select individuals with the ideals and beliefs to drive urgent change efforts and lead school turnaround. Current curricula lack rigor and collaborative efforts are not aligned with what districts desire - bold principal leadership. This qualitative phenomenological study involved a focus group of elementary principals from a large urban Gulf Coast district whose schools had at least one sub-group that was rated academically unacceptable. As a result of this study, an analysis of principals' perceptions revealed that several gaps exist in principal preparation programs. The principals' responses revealed what they perceive is lacking and what is needed for principals to cease the momentum of school failure, systematically rid schools of the toxicity of ineffective practices and achieve increased student achievement.



Principal training, Leadership, Turnaround schools, Principal training, Urban schools, Principals, Leadership development