The development of a handbook for teaching millinery construction and design to adults



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In the past millinery has been taught largely through personal demonstration by a millinery teacher. Each student was instructed individually on the hat which she had elected to make. Unfortunately the student usually did not develop enough technique in the basic skills to carry over the knowledge that had been acquired to hats of other materials and design. There has been an ever increasing need for a handbook or manual which would clarify procedures and techniques and eliminate misunderstanding, as well as being useful as a reference and guide after the student had left the classroom. The purpose of this study was to find and interpret the needs of millinery teachers and students and to develop a handbook that would be a useful tool in presenting the techniques of millinery construction and design to adults. The study included the investigation of available literature in the field of millinery construction and design; the examination of handbooks used in other areas of teaching, such as clothing laboratories and student teaching programs; personal interviews with students in millinery classes; the first hand experiences of the writer as a teacher of millinery construction and design; and corresponding with colleges and professional schools of millinery to obtain detailed information by questionnaire. It was established from the above study that a definite need did exist for a comprehensive manual to present the techniques of millinery construction and design to adults. It was recommended that the proposed handbook be put in mimeograph form and used as a textbook for one year. Additions and deletions will be necessary from time to time as new products in the millinery field are introduced which improve and make possible more professional results.