Alexander Hamilton : some interpretations from the late 1880's to the present



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The purpose of this thesis has been to examine many of the studies of Alexander Hamilton and his times and to show how and in what sense he has been interpreted since 1882. What have been the determining factors in Hamiltonian interpretation? Why were his policies accorded governmental prestige and sanction in some periods of American history while during other eras they seemed neglected or historically abused? What have been the biases of the authors in relation to the subject and what is the significance of their interpretations? In gathering data for such an undertaking the author has tried to limit the enormous amount of material to those books and articles most pertinent to Hamilton and the institutions he helped to create. For reasons of succinctness many of the general histories of the eras discussed were omitted to give way to the more applicable biographers and historians who dealt directly with Alexander Hamilton. [...]