An approximate solution to the boundary layer energy equation with radiant participating media



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The analysis of combined inodes of heat transfer in a gas becomes increasingly difficult with the introduction of the radiation term in the energy equation. In this dissertation, the problem of simultaneous convection, conduction and radiation in the laminar boundary layer over a flat plate is formulated and solved. The solution is obtained analytically by means of perturbation theory, and the effect of including the radiation term on both the temperature distribution and the heat flux is presented for various conditions. The case of a steady, laminar, two-dimensional flow over a black, isothermal flat plate is considered. In addition, the fluid medium is assumed to be a gray, isotropic, viscous, radiation absorbing-emitting and thermally conducting perfect gas with most properties independent of the temperature. The nonlinear integraldifferential energy equation is reduced to a simpler form through the use of both the Rosseland and the optically thin approximation for the radiation term. [...]