Requirements for promotion in office-based careers (for community college curriculum planning)



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This study was designed to identify the job competencies and personal attributes required by business organizations for promotion of office-based careers into middle management positions. To determine these competencies and attributes, the following procedures were used: 1. A questionnaire was mailed to a pilot group. This questionnaire consisted of open-ended questions concerning the job competencies and personal attributes needed for various levels of office jobs. The participants were also asked to identify weaknesses or attributes sometimes missing in persons being considered for promotion. 2. From the responses to the first questionnaire and a review of the literature, a second questionnaire was developed that included 116 questions relating to: the degree of importance for promotability of certain job competencies and personal attributes; weaknesses in persons being considered for promotion; non-traditional jobs for males and females; future job opportunities projected; minimum educational requirements for various office job levels; jobs traditionally held by males or females; and percentage of contribution to promotability of education, experience, and personal attributes. 3. The second questionnaire was mailed to a sample group consisting of: members of the Houston Personnel Association; members of the Houston and Brazoria County Chapters of The National Secretaries Association, International; Office Education graduates of Brazosport College; and supervisors of office employees. [...]



Career education, Women--Employment