The effect of knowledge of results on maximal expressions of muscular strength



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This study was designed to examine the effect of knowledge of results (KR) on maximal expressions of muscular strength. The study was designed to answer the following questions: 1) What are the effects of KR on maximal expressions of muscular strength? 2) Are there significant differences in absolute strength in men and women? 3) Do repeated trials have an effect upon maximal expressions of strength? and 4) Do any of the above variables interact in a manner which causes significant variations in expressed muscular strength? The subjects were 30 adult men and 30 adult women volunteers enrolled in physical education classes at the University of Houston. Subjects were randomly assigned to the control or one of two treatment groups. Each group consisted of 10 men and 10 women who received either quantitative, qualitative, or no KR while performing multiple trial tests of maximal expressions of isokinetic muscular strength on the Cybex Power Bench Press and Cybex Power Leg Press. The dependent variables were the bench press and the leg press. Independent variables were Sex, KR, and Trials. Statistical analysis consisted of a repeated measures ANOVA for each dependent variable. [...]