Students' perceptions of the extension centers of San Jacinto College



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Purpose of the Study. This study was a step in the direction of a community junior college making an effort to fulfill its role of being community-based and performance-oriented. The study focused on the extension centers as one aspect of the program of a community-junior college. The study was an assessment of the students’ perceptions as to the effectiveness of the extension centers of San Jacinto College. The three extension centers included in the study had a population of approximately 1,200 students and provided a readily available sample population for this type of study. The study focused on the following aspects of the extension centers: 1. To ascertain and evaluate the perceived learning needs of the students of the extension centers in terms of course offerings desired, reasons for wanting to learn a specific area, and reasons why they attend extension centers. 2. To determine the optimal operating format of the extension centers as perceived by the students in terms of time structure. To examine the length of time for continuing their study. 3. To determine the students’ perceptions of the value of the extension centers serving the area. 4. To determine the future educational plans of the students attending the extension centers. In summary, the study was an attempt to improve administrative decision-making through the assessment of student data in a systematic and statistically appropriate analysis. [...]