Soviet policy in Sub-Saharan Africa today : a study of the current policy of the Soviet Union in Sub-Saharan Africa and the circumstances that led to it



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The current policy of the Soviet Union in sub-Saharan Africa, like those of many other nations, is a product of experience. Having realized the economic and strategic importance of the region, the Soviets tried to establish some influence and presence in that area of predominantly Western influence. In the competition for influence that followed, the Soviets experienced a lot disappointments which resulted mostly from their lack of proper understanding of the social and political dynamics that operated in the region. These disappointments, however, generated a lot of research and analysis of the African situation by Soviet Scholars. The outcome of their efforts was astonishing and by the early 1960s, the Soviets had abandoned their earlier policy that aimed at establishing communist states in sub-Saharan Africa through proletarian revolutions. This study will examine the current policy of the Soviet Union, the circumstances that led to it, its objectives and achievements so far.