Equipment for high pressure infrared absorption, PVT, and configurational properties of liquids measurements of cis-pentene-2 and mixtures



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The continued study of the liquid state as presented in this work includes the development of a Perkins type PVT apparatus for measurements up to 10,000 atmospheres, a semiconductor strain gauge pressure transducer, and a 0-1500 atmospheres variable path length IR cell. PVT measurements were made and correlated, and certain configurational thermodynamic properties calculated. The strain gage pressure transducer measures pressure with an accuracy of 5.5 parts per 10,000 at 10,000 atmospheres. The Perkins PVT apparatus determines volume with a maximum uncertainty of 3-4 parts per 1000. The PVT data covers the range 0-6000 atmospheres and 24- to 200°C. Measurements were made on cis-pentene-2, and mixtures of cis-pentene-2 and carbon tetrachloride, and cis-pentcne-2 and chloroform. A nonlinear least squares method, which included weighting factors, was used to correlate the data by means of the Tait-Wohl equation of state. The cyclohexane, 2,3 dimethylbutane, and n-hexane data of Shaver were also refit. It was observed that data determined with the Beattie PVT apparatus could not be fit by the Tait-Wohl equation to the limit of the precision of the data, 3-5 parts per 10,000, suggesting that further- improvements in the equation are required. [...]