Dynamic TTL Assignment in Caching Meta Algorithms and Study of the Effects on Caching In Named Data Networks



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NDN networks are the next generation of communication networks primarily built on the principle of content reuse. Caching in these networks are the main contributor to the performance metrics when majority of content is reusable. NDN routers use caching and eviction policies to affect the performance and control the use of limited storage in the network. This research introduced incorporation of a dynamic expiration time in the form of a TTL assigned to content to control the storage alongside the LRU eviction policy and thoroughly studied the most common caching polices, LCE and LCD, altered with TTL. The results show that the introduction of a sequence of TTL values to content objects will not increase the Hit Ratio to in the policies studied but introduces a new mechanism to control the Hit Ratio and distribute the cache hits across a network of caches and load balance the links.



TTL, NDN, Caching, Content Expiration, Load balancing, Cache Performance