A study in achievement motivation in a group of alcoholic and ulcer patients



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This study reports the results of an experiment which was conducted to investigate the differece in achievement motivation as measured by McClelland's Need for Achievement Test between a group of thirty hospitalized alcoholic patients and twenty-five hospitalized ulcer patients. A group of six terminal pateitns who were aware of their diagnosis and prognosis were also tested to compare with the other two groups. The writer hypothesizes that there is a difference in need for achievement in alcoholic and ucler patients, and that as a result of differneces in need for achievement there will be a difference in job ratings and salaries. This study was conducted at the United States Public Health Service Hospital in Galveston, Texas, where the writer is commissioned as a Senior Assistant Nurse Officer and is assigned as head nurse on a medical ward. This hospital operates on hundred and sixty medical and surgical beds and is one of the sixteen United State Public Health Service Hopsitals established in 1798, 'for the relief of sick and disabled seamen'. [...]



Achievement motivation, Alcoholism--Psychological aspects, Ulcers