A comparative study of the perceptions of the role of the secondary school English departmental chairperson



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Purpose and Design of the Study. The purpose of this study was to answer the question: Do significant differences exist among the degree of importance that principals, English faculty members, and English departmental chairpersons attach to selected activities that comprise the role of the English departmental chairperson? In answering the question, the three aforementioned groups were surveyed, using an eighty-two item questionnaire developed by this researcher. A total of sixteen questions were asked in the demographic data section, so that information about the participants and the chairperson’s position could be gathered. The remaining sixty- six questions dealt specifically with the role of the English chairperson in the school where the participant was employed. Of the 368 respondents who were sent questionnaires, 281 respondents returned usable ones. This number included 142 English teachers, 71 English chairpersons, and 68 principals employed in public secondary schools in Texas which have a student enrollment exceeding 1,999. To analyze the descriptive questionnaire data, the frequencies and percentages of the responses to the sixteen questions were studied. The second analysis, the factor analysis, was used to reduce the remaining sixty-six activity items into a more workable number. The twelve factor solution was selected. Then, through the use of the analysis of variance and stepwise discriminant analysis methods, each of three null hypotheses were tested. [...]