The relationship of selected attitudinal factors to dropout and retention in beginning string students



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The purposes of this study were (1) to develop an instrument which would accurately assess student and perceived parent attitudes toward string instruction, and (2) to identify attitudinal factors which discriminate retention and dropout in beginning string students. In order to gather information on string student attitudes, the String Student Attitude Measure (SSAM) was developed (Morehouse, 1986). Identification of potential categories of student attitudes related to string instruction was performed by a group of experienced Texas string educators. Attitudes identified were (1) String Class, (2) Playing in Concerts, (3) Music Played, (4) String Teacher, (5) Practicing, (6) Fellow String Students, (7) Parent Support, (8) Self Improvement on Instrument, (9) Instrument Chosen, and (10) General Negative String Experience. Demographic information and student intent to continue or drop out of string class was also requested on the SSAM. [...]



Stringed instruments--Instruction and study