The effectiveness of group counseling techniques in the vocational rehabilitation of the physically handicapped



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Vocational rehabilitation of the physically handicapped client presents certain problems for the rehabilitation counselor. The client's motivation to become a productive worker is attenuated by tong hospitalization, public assistance programs, destruction or tack of an established rote as a worker and a possible deficiency of social skill. The basis of these problems is hypothesized to be due to low ego strength and lack of self-esteem. The ego is apparently strengthened by positive experiences acquired in the context of a group of persons, especially those with difficulties similar to those of the individual. It is believed therefore, that group techniques are the treatment of choice for this population as these provide a nonthreatening, accepting atmosphere, and an association with one's peers. Small groups, in addition to being used for therapy, are also employed to teach the rote of the worker to teen-agers and previously unemployed persons and to prepare clients for job interviews. This is accomplished primarily through rote-playing. The group also prepared the resistant client to receive rehabilitation services and provides him a place to discuss his job problems white in training and after placement. Small group counseling is used with family members in order to assist them to understand the difficulties of the disabled relative. In addition it teaches them how to help him maximize his physical and vocational capabilities, and to maintain and improve his psychological health. Milieu rehabilitation is a large group procedure used primarily in hospital settings, involving the entire staff and patient population, it is also found to be a useful technique for accomplishing the aforementioned goats. Most studies reviewed were found to be tacking in comparison groups, making it difficult to evaluate the worth of their findings, though these were considered by their authors to show varying degrees of positive results. Property executed studies yielded results which indicate that group techniques are valuable toots for working with the physically handicapped client toward better vocational adjustment.



Group counseling, People with disabilities, Rehabilitation, Vocational rehabilitation