Noise pollution in a metropolitan area : A survey of noise exposure and attitudes



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Noise has become one of the forms of pollution copiously generated. In the man-dominated environment of cities. Technological advances have Implemented within their very structures potential health hazards In the form of loud sound. Current trends In the elaboration of urban life styles portend higher levels of noise pollution. Consequently, noisy activities are heard by many. This research Is concerned primarily with the perception of noise as a problem and the complaint process. Three general problem areas were considered. Are neighborhood residents perceiving neighborhood noise to be a problem? Are there relationships between social background characteristics and the degree to which persons regard neighborhood noise to be a problem? Who complains about neighborhood noise? In a survey such as this It Is difficult to predict community response to noise because so many variables enter the system. Nevertheless, It was found that persons living nearest the freeway are exposed to the highest average noise levels while those nearest the railroad are exposed to the lowest average noise levels. With the exception of education, the social background variables did not prove to be significantly related to the perception of noise as a problem. It was found, however, that an individuals feelings about the neighborhood are related to attitudes about noise.



Noise pollution