The life of Pat Neff



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Texas has had a number of colorful and unique personalities to serve in the capacity of governor, and each has contributed to the state. From the first governor after the annexation of Texas in 1846, J. Pinckney Henderson, until the present governor, Allan Shivers, Texas has never had repetition in personality, nor in policy. In between the first and present governor, Texas has had such contrasting figures as Sam Houston and Edmund J. Davis, James S. Hogg and S. W. T. Lanham, and James E. Ferguson and Baeauford Jester, To get a thorough understanding of the state necessitates an Introduction to the executives who have served both adequately and inadequately. In this thesis the Author has attempted to introduce some of the unpublished facts about one of Texas's most vivid leaders, Pat Morris Neff. The first chapter attempts to unfold a complete picture of Pat Neff's lineage, environment and early life. This introduction is vitally important for a complete understanding of Neff's philosophies and policies. The second chapter reveals the forming of Neff's political career. [...]