A study of selected aspects of the academic pursuits of Saudi Arabian government master's degree scholarship students in the United States of America



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This research was conducted for the purpose of investigating selected factors which may contribute to the phenomenon of Saudi Arabian scholarship students changing their majors after they have begun their graduate programs. The study was limited to Master's level students only. The study is intended to provide the Saudi Arabian Educational Mission to the United States (SAEM) and the Saudi government sponsoring agencies with information to facilitate the successful administration of the Saudi government scholarship program in the United States. The study utilizes a combination of statistical and descriptive methods to analyze data gathered from 392 Saudi scholarship student records, 42 SAEM personnel, and 41 sponsoring agency representatives. Nine null hypotheses were developed to test selected variables related to the study. Five of the hypotheses investigated the relationship between the SAEM and the sponsoring agencies with regard to the issue of students' changing their majors. The remaining four hypotheses examined selected demographic characteristics which were believed to influence students to change their majors. [...]



Students, Foreign--United States