Comparison of psychosocial development and adjustment between Hong Kong and United States students attending the University of Houston, University Park



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The study deals with psychosocial development and adjustment problems of college-age students. Nineteen U.S. students and 18 international students from Hong Kong responded to statements from the Student Developmental Task Inventory-2 (SDTI-2). The results indicated that U.S. students demonstrated significantly greater psychosocial development including issues of autonomy, educational and career planning, and interpersonal relationships. Adjustment problems experienced by the Hong Kong students were also assessed using the Michigan International Student Problem Inventory (MISPI). This population reported the greatest concentration of problems concerning financial matters, English language difficulty, and lack of contact with Americans. These results are consistent with previous studies of other international student groups. However, when analyzing the adjustment problems and the psychosocial development of these students, there was no significant relationship found between the two. Finally, the implications of these results for U.S. college student personnel professionals are discussed along with alternatives to procedures currently used with international students.



Students, Foreign--Texas--Houston, Social adjustment, Chinese students--Texas--Houston