Multicultural Efficacy in the Educational Context: An Examination of Mediating Constructs



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As the racial demographics of the United States trend toward a majority-minority, white teachers increasingly need to be able to relate to a student population that does not share their cultural background. Due to this mismatch of teacher and student demographics, it is crucial that teacher preparation programs provide students with experiences that allow them to examine their own racial identity, racial attitudes, and abilities to relate effectively to the diverse population they will encounter in the school environment. This study examined the mediating role that experience with diversity, ethnic identity, and colorblind racial attitudes play in the multicultural efficacy of pre-service secondary education students. A hierarchical multiple regression tested the significance of these constructs and results indicated that both experience with diversity and ethnic identity were significant predictors of multicultural efficacy.
Theoretical and practical implications for teacher preparation programs and student teaching placements are discussed.



Multicultural Efficacy, Racial identity, Teacher preparation