The relationship between A, B personality types, job satisfaction and occupational status among school administrators



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The basic question to be investigated in this study was: what is the relationship of A,B personality types to job satisfaction and occupational status in a population of elementary and secondary principals and school superintendents serviced by the Region XIV Educational Service Center. Personality Type A was defined as an action-emotion complex that can be observed in any person who is aggressively involved in a chronic incessant struggle to achieve more in less and less time, and if required to do so, against the opposing efforts of other things or other persons. The Type B personality is the opposite of what was defined as Type A. Job satisfaction was defined in this study as a positive, affective attitude of an individual toward his/her work and was measured using the Job Descriptive Index. Occupational status was defined as the professional position held by a school administrator. [...]



School administrators, Job satisfaction, Type A behavior, Personality and occupation