The effect of carbohydrates on the transformation of Bacillus subtilis



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A study of the effect of sugars on the percent transformation in Bacillus subtilis has presented evidence which relates to the nature of competence and the competence factors. The sugars DL-glyceraldehyde, D-ribose, L-fucose, [proportional to]-lactose, and D(+)mannose were found to stimulate transformation when they were added to the transforming medium of competent Bacillus subtilis cultures. Transformation was both stimulated and inhibited when varying concentrations of D-glyceraldehyde, D(+)xylose, D(+)galactose, L-glucose,[beta]-D-glucose, L-mannose, D-fucose, D(+)glucosa- mine hydrochloride, maltose, isomaltose, and sucrose were present in the transforming medium. Inhibition of transformation was observed when varying concentrations of D-ribulose, 2-deoxy-D-ribose, o(j-D-glucose, L(-)sorbose, and D-glucose-6-phosphate were added in the presence of DNA and competent Bacillus subtilis cells. The greatest percent stimulation of transformation occurred with varying concentrations of [proportional to]-lactose, D(+)mannose, and D(+)galactose, respectively. [...]