Factorial study of teacher marks and standardized tests



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Purpose of the study. The study was based on the premise that effective decision-making on the management level can be materially aided through the use of a cybernetic approach. The feasibility of such a system is dependent upon reliable and valid information being furnished through an iterative loop. The study explored the utility of currently existing measurements of student achievement for the possible future development of a model for cybernetic-assisted management in curriculum development. Procedures and sources of data. Data utilized in the study were obtained from the scores on the subtests of the Iowa Tests of Educational Development and teacher-made tests and grades in biology, English, and American history. The data were obtained on 480 eleventh grade students in eight selected high schools in the Gulf Coast Area of Texas. The analysis of the data was accomplished on the 7094 IBM computer of the Data Processing Center of the University of Houston. The principal axes factor analysis was used to determine the factorial structure of student achievement. [...]



Educational evaluation, Academic achievement