The Correlation Between Individuals Returning to Food Pantries, Age and Income



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The Food Insecurity Team (FIT), supported by the Houston Food Bank, UH Bonner Leaders, and the University of Houston, is a project that supports food pantries and various outreach opportunities to improve access to nutritional foods in the Third Ward. FIT operates this pantry by organizing food pallets shipped from the Houston Food Bank and distributes these items in packages for clients who attend weekly drive-through food distribution. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, FIT has revised its distribution methods to provide a safe environment for volunteers and visitors alike. To better understand the population served and their needs, this project uses Link2Feed, an online database that stores the pantries demographics, and multiple linear regression to predict how many times a client will revisit the pantry based on their income and age. There was a noticeable correlation between the age of the attendees and their number of visits to the Riverside pantry, but the same is not true for income and number of visits to the pantry. This data, especially during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, allows the Food Insecurity Team to tailor their efforts to those who would be most receptive to our marketing flyers and understand what demographics are most likely to make recurring visits to the pantry while amid a pandemic. The following presentation involves a discussion of the interpreted results and uses a logic model alongside a directed acyclic graph to demonstrate the project’s organization.