A descriptive study of selected characteristics of certain students awarded bachelor's degrees at the University of Houston in June, 1967



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The purpose of this study was to determine certain descriptive characteristics of students receiving their first bachelor's degree in June 1967, at the University of Houston. Two similar studies were made for June 1966 graduating class. The students used in those studies were in the College of Arts and Science, Business Administration and Education. The present study involved students from Colleges of Engineering, Pharmacy, Optometry and Architecture. The data for this study were obtained from photostatic copies of the permanent record cards of the graduating students. A separate frequency distribution table was made for each descriptive characteristics. From this information percentages were computed. The characteristics chose were (1) sex of the individual, (2) number of hours completed at the University of Houston and number of hours completed at the University, (3) quality point average, (4) number of semesters on probation, (5) number of suspensions and (6) number of majors. The following information was revealed: 1. The majority of the graduates were males. In fact, there were only five females in the group. 2. The majority were transfer students (70%). 3. Most of the students were on probation at least one time. 4. The large majority of students were never suspended. 5. Most of the graduates had quality points in the range of 2.00-2.99.