Drone Swarm Simulation



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Automated drones recently have found themselves at the forefront of military warfare. Thanks to increasingly affordable drone manufacturing, it has become practical to deploy a swarm of drones at once that can act as one unit using flock behavior. These swarms are beginning to be used in naval warfare as an unconventional means of disrupting conventional naval weaponry designed to shoot down small numbers of long-range missiles. This project introduces a real-time simulation of one or more drone swarms comprised of independently-behaving drones attacking a group of naval turrets. This simulation is then used to gather and analyze mission outcome data for different drone and swarm configurations. The data collected from the simulation is analyzed using a variety of data analysis techniques to optimize the parameters and configuration for the drone swarm in this scenario. By analyzing data produced by the drone swarm assault simulation, valuable information can be discovered for both using and defending against drone swarms in naval warfare.



Simulation, Drone, Swarm, Military, Defense, Unity, Game, Engine, Flocking