A study of relationships of dogmatism, self-actualization, values, and state-trait anxiety in students entering a clinical pastoral education program



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The study was conducted to determine the relationships between dogmatism scores, levels of self-actualization, and value ranking in students entering a Basic Clinical Pastoral Education program. In addition, it seemed important to examine the relationship of anxiety to dogmatism levels, and to ascertain the extent to which specified demographic data are related to dogmatism. One hundred twenty-seven (127) students admitted to clinical pastoral education centers in the Southwest Region of the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education comprised the population of the study. The Dogmatism Scale, Personal Orientation Inventory, Value Survey, and State-Trait Anxiety Inventory were completed during the first week of clinical assignments. Three primary hypotheses were generated and tested in the present study: 1. Dogmatism is a function of Self-actualization. 2. Dogmatism is a function of Value rankings. 3. Dogmatism is a function of levels of Anxiety manifested on entry into the assigned clinical center. [...]