Fourier techniques for an elastic forward model implemented on the CDC cyber 205



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A modified version of the two-dimensional elastic forward modeling algorithm developed by Kosloff was used as the basis of a vector program designed, implemented, and optimized for the CDC CYBER 205. Timings obtained for Kosloff's implementation on a VAX 11/780 with attached FPS-100 processor indicate that the vectorized version is approximately 900 times faster on a CYBER 205. The highlight of this project was the experimentation and optimization made possible by the immense computational speed of the CYBER 205. This allowed extensive testing for a variety of source wavelets and boundary conditions and resulted in the construction of highly efficient absorbing boundaries. Snapshots of the stresses, pressure, and curl are presented and compared to Kosloff's published results. A user's manual is included as an appendix. Future extensions to three dimensions are discussed.



Seismic prospecting--Data processing, CYBER 205 (Computer)