The theory and application of vortex flow for soil reclamation and erosion prevention



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The problem of coastal erosion is a continual confrontation to man throughout the world. Retreating coastlines are occurring at unparalled rates. This work attempts to prove or disprove the theory that vortex flow could provide a mechanism by which the energy stored in ocean waves could be employed to restore coastlines rather than destroy them. The delta planform was selected because of its leading edge shedding of vorticity. With the proper angle of attack, every wave moving over the delta planform could generate the necessary conditions for producing vortices. By this basis, a mechanism could be generated which could remove silt, sand, and other partially colloidal particles from water waves and deposit them downstream. Prototype vortex generators were fabricated and experiments performed in Galveston Bay. The experimental data have verified the analytical predictions to a large extent.