Aztec Twin-Temple Pyramids as Evidence for State Religion through Shared Architecture and Symbology



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Twin-temple pyramids of the Late Postclassic in central Mexico became a distinct symbol of Aztec ideology. Nowehere is this demonstrated more than with Templo Mayor, the Great Temple of Tenochtitlán, the capital city of the Aztec empire. The deities worshipped and the rituals conducted at Templo Mayor made it a beacon of ideological identity for the Aztec, both in religious belief and national dominance. The very aspects that made it so symbolically significant would also carry over to the other temples of similar construction outside of the capital city. By examining the shared architectural features between Templo Mayor and nearby pyramids in cities under Aztec influence and control, their contribution to the state religion is place at the time becomes clear.



Mesoamerica, Aztec, Archaeology, Religion, State, Sacred