Assessment of treatment strategies for the spinal cord injured



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Two treatment strategies for the spinal cord injured at The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research (TIRR) were assessed using three instruments: the Rotter Internal/External Questionnaire; the Patient Perception Instrument; and the Self-Evaluation Scale. One treatment strategy could not be assessed due to a very small subject sample. Results on the other treatment strategy indicated that responses to the Self-Evaluation Scale were strong predictors of patient responses to the Patient Perception Instrument. Other results suggested that nurse aides were judged less positively than other staff members. The Rotter Internal/External Questionnaire was a poor predictor of patient perceptions and self-evaluation ratings. Suggestions were made concerning future research within the patient perception area which might be beneficial for patients within the rehabilitative setting at TIRR.



Spinal cord--Wounds and injuries--Psychological aspects, Spinal cord--Wounds and injuries--Social aspects, Paralytics--Rehabilitation