A study of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Education in institutions of higher learning in the United States



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  1. Purpose of Study. At least two paramount needs with respect to getting information concerning the Ed. D. degree have been manifested: (a) The need for specific Information with reference to the Ed. D. degree, and (b) The need for collating such information under one cover so that it might be used in an objective way for comparative functions. Therefore, the major objectlvee of this study were to meet those needs by setting up two distinctive purposes, namely: 1. The purpose to assemble information with regard to specific requirements for the Ed. D. degree in all institutions in the United States known to be offering curricula leading to the degree, and 2. The purpose to present, in outline form, as far as possible, certain data that could be used for comparisons and contrasts of requirements prevailing at the present time. [...]