A comparative study of the changes in personality in academically able seventh-grade children assigned or not assigned to an accelerated class in mathematics upon entering junior high school



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The purpose of this study was to investigate, under experimental conditions, the measured changes that occurred in the personality of the members of matched groups of academically able seventh-grade pupils during their first year in Thomas Edison Junior High School in Port Arthur, Texas. The members of the accelerated groups, 37 Boys Accelerated and 33 Girls Accelerated, encountered the variable in their seventh-grade schedule of assignment to an accelerated class in mathematics. The members of the non-accelerated groups, 37 Boys Non-Accelerated and 33 Girls Non-Accelerated, were randomly assigned to the subjects of the seventh grade curriculum. The groups, matched by sex, were equated in number, chronological ages, IQ scores, reading and mathematics achievement test scores, in sociometric status data, and in initial personality status. The personality of the subjects in the investigation was evaluated in the thirteen bi-polar dimensions of the High School Personality Questionnaire: (a) prior to their selection for membership in one of the matched groups of the study, (b) after three months' enrollment in junior high school, and (c) after one year's enrollment in junior high school. [...]