An analysis of competencies needed by typewriting teachers as perceived by business teachers and by authorities in business education



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The purposes of the study were: (1) to develop a list of competencies needed by the teacher of beginning typewriting using a threefold basis, (2) to interview selected teachers in the Houston Metropolitan area to obtain their appraisals and rankings of the competencies, (3) to survey authorities in business education in the United States to obtain their appraisals and rankings of the identified competencies, (4) to make an analysis of the responses of the two groups, and (5) to draw conclusions and make recommendations which should assist in initiating a Competency-Based Teacher Education program in Business Education. The population consisted of business education authorities and classroom teachers of beginning typewriting. Reactionaires were given to both groups for their ratings of the competency statements. These competency statements were generated through the use of a threefold basis: the practitioner's basis, a philosophical basis, and an instructional basis. The Delphi technique was used in gathering data from the authorities and the classroom teachers. This included three reactionaires sent to the two groups for their ranking of the competencies. [...]



Business teachers--Rating of, Typewriting--Study and teaching