A sociological perspective on female orgasm and female orgasmic variabilities



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This research attempted to examine female sexuality and female orgasmic variabilities. More specifically, the aims of this research were to begin to formulate speculations about: 1) the factors - both individual and situational - that delineate the relationship between society and female orgasmic variabilities; 2) the patterns of social living which give rise to the social meanings women attach to their orgasmic response and their sexual encounters; and 3) the contingencies that will shape the actualization of orgasmic potentialities of women. One theoretical perspective, the learning orientation, was utilized for possible explanations for the hypothesized relationship between these factors. Learning theory suggests that the relationship between society and female orgasmic variabilities is a function of the social meanings and definitions which actors hold regarding the effects of societal learning and the assumed relatedness of these two factors. The data utilized in this research were part of another study of female sexuality by this researcher. The sample included 15 respondents, all of whom were participants in workshops facilitated by this researcher on an aspect of female sexuality. [...]



Female orgasm