A transaction subsystem for a high-level database system



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A database management system based on the Entity-Category-Relationship Model (ECR Model) is under development in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Houston lead by Dr. Ramez Elmasri. The Data Dictionary, File System, Query Parser, Query Translator and Query Optimizer of the database system have been implemented. In this thesis a transaction subsystem is added to the existing database system. The ECR Model is an example of a high-level data model in which the burden of unnecessary detail is removed from the user. It becomes the responsibility of the DBMS to automatically process and optimize the user interface, which is specified in a high-level format. In this research, a transaction can be defined, edited, compiled and executed. Transactions include basic update operations, query and print operations, and input operations. Values used to access the database can be supplied by either a parameter, a variable or a constant. The value of a parameter is supplied at the beginning of transaction execution and the value of a variable is supplied in the middle of transaction execution. An executable data file generated at compile time of a transaction stores all the information specified in the transaction and is referenced at execution time.



Database management