Creating a Beta-Space in an Academic Music Library



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Students in the performing arts have unique research and study needs that often move beyond standard library services and into multi-disciplinary areas. The need to access multi-media, recording and music software, visual tools, and instruments can occur in the same study session. Some of these items are available in varying locations on campus, but there is often no space that fully supports these needs and provides an environment that complements creative projects. The University of Houston Music Library created a multi-purpose study space for performing arts students based on the Beta-space model. A Beta-space is similar to a Makerspace, but with less emphasis on technology and more emphasis on creativity and inspiration. This presentation talks about the process of developing the space and how they were able to do it on a budget.


Presented for the Texas Chapter, Music Library Association Fall Conference, Abilene, TX, October 7–8, 2016.


beta-space, library spaces, learning commons, Beta-space, Library spaces, Learning commons