Liquid film structure and drop size distribution in two-phase flow



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An investigation was made of downward gas-liquid flow in the film and dispersed regimes in a 6-inch x 3/4-inch channel. Special equipment was developed to measure probability density and level-crossing distribution of the interfacial waves, and size distribution of the entrained drops, over flow rates of liquid from 350 to 6000 pounds per hour, and over gas velocities from 0 to 280 feet per second. Several analytical models of different aspects of the film flow problem were developed. Interfacial structure data could be adequately represented by a log normal distribution of the difference between the film thickness and that of the continuous liquid sublayer. The parameters of this distribution can be estimated knowing flow rates and fluid properties. Average film thicknesses were found to deviate somewhat from predictions of the analyses of Nusselt and Dukler. These deviations are believed to be due to the effects of waves on the average thickness. A new technique was developed to measure for the first time drop size distribution in a high speed flow field. The data obtained were satisfactorily correlated using the upper limit modification of the log-normal distribution function. [...]