Project resource balancing by project progress curve analysis



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The purpose of this study is to investigate and analyze the relationships between project progress curves and project scheduling. Resource allocation has been a long standing problem in project management. Many techniques have been developed in practice for different purposes, but none of them takes into consideration the nature and character of project progress curves. A plan for improving the efficiency of project scheduling by exploring project progress curves is analyzed. An algorithm with greater heuristic power than any other solution known to the author is developed to solve resource allocation problems. A proposed system, which is suitable for computer programming, is indicated through the consideration of project progress curves. The purpose of this routine is to determine which path should be followed by the ideal progress of the project, how the activities of the project can be properly allocated, and what measure criteria should be adopted in order to shorten the scheduling time and find an optimum schedule. A complete system is conceivable under further exploration and careful consideration. However, the basic detailed logic flow has been formulated. It is evident that the approach will prove to be both feasible and valuable to project management.