Blockchain Application for Education



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The contemporary job market continues to grow increasingly competitive. In this high-pressure environment, job-seekers may try to forge their qualifications in order to get ahead. There are many cases in which an employee is fired after it is discovered that they are unable to perform their jobs due to lying on their resumes. To avoid this, companies perform background checks. Considerable amount of time and money are spent in the process, causing inconvenience for both the recruiters and the applicants. This problem can be avoided if the details written on the profile of a graduating student applicant are independently recorded and corroborated by the educational institute and the employers themselves.

In this work, I present an application that aims to achieve this by recording the student’s qualications on Blockchain. The decentralized nature of blockchain enables the application to be used by users all over the globe. This suits the global nature of the job market and enables employers to even verify qualifications completed by an applicant in another country. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Hyperledger are the most used technologies for developing Blockchain applications. Hyperledger supports the development of applications which have intangible assets. Additionally, the permissioned nature of the blockchain network makes Hyperledger suitable for developing this application. It ensures that only legitimate entities can join the network and checks to see that these entities are who they claim to be. The access control rules enable the users to perform only the functions they are authorized for. This application can be used by students not only to record their skills but also to request endorsements from verifiable sources. These endorsements may come from specific peers handpicked by the individual, they may also come from a selection of random peers, ensuring that the individual requesting the endorsement is not influencing them. This work also demonstrates the working of the application on both the playground and through the REST API.



Blockchain, Education, Hyperledger, Application, Against resume forging, Validation, Endorsements, Permissioned network