Development of the barbituric acid derivatives of some pyrrole aldehydes



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Barbituric acid is the parent compound, of a family of drugs which are very widely used, as soporifics, hypnotics, sedatives and anesthetics. The potency ef barbituric acid, the time in which it will become effective, its duration of effectiveness, all can be altered by the type of alkyl and aryl substituents which may be condensed with the active methylene group of the malonic ester part of this cyclic ureide. There are on the drug market today many different barbiturates, none of which, however, are similar to the type we have prepared in our laboratory. It is hoped that by the introduction of a chromophoric linkage by the condensation of barbituric acid with an aldonyl group, a staining action on the neuro paths may occur upon ingestion of the barbiturate. This might aid the study of the action of barbiturates on the body. The scope of our problem was to synthesize some of these new type barbiturates leaving the physiological properties to be determined at a later date.