An Investigation into How Race and Gender Impact Occupation Outcomes: A study of NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Coaches



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I examine how race and sex affects whether a university is likely to hire or dismiss head coaches. I test whether race, sex, and performance affects the odds of being let go. I also test whether the rating of the exiting coach affects the type of coach that universities are likely to hire. Data for these analyses come from a unique data set that explores universities and colleges that compete in NCAA Division I women’s college basketball over three years (N = 1,035). Logistic regression analyses confirm that being black, and especially being a black woman, increases the likelihood of being let go. Furthermore, logistic regression analyses confirm that better performance in the previous year will increase the likelihood that universities will hire white head coaches to fill openings, with Universities being most likely to hire white men and least likely to hire black women.



Race, Gender, Intersectionality, Sports, Basketball