Kinetic behavior of glucoamylase, glucose oxidase and gluconolactonase in solution



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The kinetic behavior of a system of multiple enzymes in solution was studied in a variable volume batch reactor at pH 5 and T = 30 [degrees] C. The enzymes used were glucoamylase (R. delemar), glucose oxidase (A. niger), and gluconolactonase (A. niger), all of which are important commercial biocatalysts, and a dissacharide was employed as starting substrate. The study includes the basic kinetic properties of individual enzymes, interactions between components of the reaction mixture as well as the results of several detailed literature searches. The study revealed that classical Michaelis-Menten type of single substrate or two substrates kinetics predicts correctly the behavior of the sequential reaction network under conditions of constant dissolved oxygen concentration and pH. Possible industrial applications of this system was also discussed as were suggestions for further related research.