The construction and validation of scales for predicting academic success in college in specified subject matter areas



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The purpose of the study was to construct and validate scales for the prediction of academic success at the college level in specified areas of endeavor, Freshman English (English 131), Freshman Mathematics (Math 132 or 134), and American History (History 231) at Arlington State College. The data upon which the scales are based consist of information available for analysis before a student begins his college career, and in some instances, before he completes his high school work. In the study, students making grades of "A," "B," or "C" were said to be "successful" and students making other grades "not successful." The technique used in the construction of the scales was the same as that used by Glueck and Glueck in the prediction of recidivism in juvenile delinquents and by Ford in the prediction of success in high school.



College students, Prediction of scholastic success